Phrasing Aid Manual

Open Phrasing Aid (opens in a new window)

In the “Write a Rhythm” tab, you can write rhythms either by clicking a note or rest sign or by using keyboard commands. The Aid will add beams and ties automatically. With the "Tie" button, you can join notes across the bar line or create, for example, a dotted crotchet by adding a tie between a crotchet and a quaver. Under the "Triplet" button, you will find different triplet variations. The Phrasing Aid 1.0 allows you to write up to 16 bars. A tone with the duration of two semibreves is the longest tone played by the Aid. For the time being, the time signature is 4/4. The following are two alternative tempos: 90 bpm and 130 bpm. The "Click" menu allows you to choose different click variations or to leave it out altogether.

The “Phrasing Exercises” tab includes a few ready-made rhythms to be used as practice material.