Question-Answer Form

A traditional method of improvisation or composition of blues melodies is the question-answer form. The first four bars include a question-a phrase-which is then repeated as such or slightly altered. The last four bars include an answer, which distinctly differs from the question.

Example 28
example 29

In bars 5-6, it is crucial that you don’t play E in F7 (as it is dissonant with b7).

Now practice blues improvisation with the playalong (Pop/Rock Style > Variation Exercises > Example 44). With your left hand, play chords or different types of blues accompaniment (Example 29). Notice the anchor notes: C in C7 and F7, plus G in C7, and F in F7. G and D in G7. The same in plain text: the melody builds mainly around C, until the anchor note becomes G in G7.

Example 29
example 29

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