Encryption software HASP instructions

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Encryption software hasp use instructions

1.hasp environment to build

Hasp environment to build according to the environment of the machine to install, 1windows system to install the windows version, the installation procedure can refer to the file hasp5.0 system installation.exe;

2linux version needs to install linux version, the installation procedure can refer to the documentation linux hasp encryption drive to use.doc

2.Encryption of programs in windows environment

In windows - http://www.Dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/windows.html environment, if you are using the dongle for the first time, you need to import the information about the master lock first. The import procedure can refer to the documentation and use the master lock .doc for the first time. The encryption procedure can refer to a quick shell encryption .exe under the file.

3.Encryption of the program in the linux environment

In the linux environment, after installing the driver, find hasp installation path, find the path Linux/VendorTools/Envelope/, open the file envconfig.cfgx, modify the corresponding parameters inside, please refer to the documentation for each parameter:

HASP_SRM_Linux_Envelope_Configuration_Settings_CHS.pdf, note,

The parameter INPUT_FILE in the envconfig.cfgx file is the file path that needs to be encrypted, OUTPUT_FILE is the path where the encrypted file is stored, and VENDOR_CODE is the vendor code string required by the encryption software. He is in /root/Aladdin/HASP SRM 3.50/VendorCodes/DEMOMA. In hvc, copy him over on the line.

After modifying the file, you need to enter the command line

Https://www.wendangwang.com/doc/linuxenv -c:envconfig.cfgx , when you see 100.0% done! is successful encryption.

4.Encrypted jar files in windows environment are put into Linux environment

The encrypted jar files in the windows environment are put into the linux environment. You need to add the encrypted running shared libraries in the java operating environment of the linux machine. The so file, which is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit depending on the number of bits in the Linux machine, responds to the .so file and I'm ready. See the folder so file for details.

32-bit machine to be put into libHASPJava.so, 64-bit machine to put

libHASPJava_x86_64.so. Run Get.jar in the linux environment, the command is java -jar Get.jar, you can view java is the time running environment parameters, namely java.library.path, will. The so file can be placed in this path.

5. Restore and backup of encryption software in windows environment

In the Windows environment, if the system is reinstalled or the system crashes, it will lead to the loss of information such as the product number and user information that we have previously encrypted. HASP is built based on the sqlserver2005 database. We achieve this by backing up database data. The purpose of restoring the encryption software. Backup and restore can refer to the file under the bussiness server backup and transplantation.exe.

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