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A memory stick is a removable, storage device that makes use of flash memory to store large numbers of digital files. It was launched 100 kilometers in October 1998. A memory stick is a compact portable storage device that is commonly used to store data. Images, music, audio, video, and other memory sticks make it possible to carry your data with you and transfer it to other devices when needed. Sony's digital cameras and cell phones use memory sticks to store and transfer data from memory sticks to computers and vice versa. However, it is also possible to cause data loss from your memory stick due to certain reasons. The reason may be a virus attack, sudden removal of a memory stick, accidental formatting, etc. ?

• Deletion from a memory stick file may occur due to various reasons such as:

Unintentional Formatting: While creating space in your memory stick, if you mistakenly take any backup before clicking on the formatting option, then all the data that appears on your memory stick is deleted. Accidental deletion of data: The most obvious of them or For natural reasons, data loss from the memory card is accidentally deleting important data while deleting some unimportant data. Suddenly removing the memory stick: Clearing the memory stick while transferring data from the memory stick to the computer without following any security measures Causes data to be deleted from it. Virus Attack: The virus destroys files in the memory stick and makes it inaccessible. Therefore, in order to access it, antivirus programs are used to scan. During the scan, some important documents may be deleted from the memory stick.

To avoid data loss, you should take the following things:

Always remember to take instant backup of all your important data. Use the 'Safely Remove Hardware' option to normally eject the memory stick. Keep an updated version of the anti-virus program and perform regular full-system scans.

If your memory stick data is accidentally deleted or formatted and you do not keep your important data back then you need to use a third-party recovery tool in order to recover deleted data from the memory stick.

Recovery Software is a professional recovery tool that easily recovers deleted data from memory sticks. This software can recover all accidentally deleted files from the memory stick. With Memory Stick, this application also supports data recovery from different types of flash memory cards such as SD card, MMC card, XD card and CF card. With this recovery tool's propulsion mechanism, you can also recover pictures from a digital camera memory card. This software allows youp; to recover data easily deleted from a memory card on a Mac as well as Windows. It has a ability to recover all types of deleted or lost data, audio files, video files, picture files etc. It also recovers deleted - data from flash drive, external hard drive, FireWire drive, MP3 player, USB drive etc. You You can download a demo version of the software and evaluate the results of the economic recovery. In addition, it helps Mac users to retrieve data, which has been removed from the trash folder, in an effective way. Recover deleted data from the portable hard drive.

In some useful steps, using it you can easily recover the deleted data from the memory stick as described below:

The memory stick is connected to the computer and a demo version of the recovery tool is installed. After successful installation, click on 'Recover Files' from the main screen.

After that, select the memory stick as the logical drive and select the 'Next' option to start the file recovery process. After the recovery process is completed, you can use the Browse \u0026quot;Preview\u0026quot; option to browse through all images restored from the memory stick:


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