[Gopro HD Video Recovery Tool] Gopro HD Video Recovery Tool 1.1 Free Download

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Gopro HD Video Recovery Tool is a very practical data recovery software. This software is tailored to GoPro's video recovery and features fast positioning, fast reorganization, and the ability to effectively recover lost video - http://www.Cafemom.com/search/index.php?keyword=lost%20video .

Gopro HD Video Recovery Tool

Due to the use of high-definition coding at the bottom of GoPro, a large number of fragments are generated during file generation. At this time, ordinary recovery software cannot recover lost data at all.

After continuous analysis, the CHS Lab has mastered the underlying structure of GOPRO's full range of product video files and successfully developed a recovery program for GoPro. The program can quickly locate and automatically restructure to effectively recover your lost precious video!

1. Supports the scanning of large-capacity dedicated high-speed cards such as FAT32 and EXFAT.

2. Full support - https://Www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/support for GOPRO full range of sports cameras (Hero full range)

3, support for debris reorganization, the program can quickly locate the debris and automatically analyze the reorganization.

4, built-in CHS_SMART second-generation video reorganization algorithm, while maintaining the original encoding can also maximize the reorganization of debris, to get the original perfect picture quality.

5. Support the function of mirroring the storage media.

6, can create any area of ​​the storage medium to scan.

7. Support to check the HEX value of the storage medium.

8, support to save \u0026ldquo; scan results \u0026 rdquo; and \u0026 ldquo; load scan results \u0026 rdquo;.

9, support trial play function.

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