Imagine yourself playing or singing in tune. Completely in tune. Imagine being able to analyze the exact pitch of your playing. Imagine the possibility to really enhance your ability to hear whether your playing is sharp, flat or pure.

It is now possible with Pitch Primer (see Pitch Primer in action)

Pitch Primer retuned

Professional and hobbyist musicians can improve their playing or singing with Pitch Primer, software initially developed by professional musicians for their own needs to hear pitch purity more accurately and to improve their playing. Sibelius Academy, one of the biggest and most respected European music universities has helped these devoted developers to finalize their Pitch Primer software

Pitch Primer enables the user to analyze audio in real time while recording and after recording. The software draws a graph of the playing pitch in relation to desired temperament, zooming in and out interactively with playing. No more fumbling off pitch! 


  1. Standby – Tuning mode.
  2. Record – Records audio, enabling the user to analyze it in real time.
  3. Playback – Replays audio just as it was recorded.
  4. Retune – Replays audio retuned pure to desired temperament, enabling the user to hear how the audio would sound in tune.
  5. Analysis – It is possible to analyze recorded takes, scroll back and forth inside them, zoom in and out to examine the most interesting parts precisely and accurately.

Pitch Primer is designed especially for woodwind and brass instruments, but instruments such as strings, vocals and others can reap the benefits as well.