1. Standby – Tuning mode.
  2. Record – Records audio, enabling the user to analyze it in real time.
  3. Playback – Replays audio just as it was recorded.
  4. Retune – Replays audio retuned pure to desired temperament, enabling the user to hear how the audio would sound in tune.
  5. Analysis – It is possible to analyze recorded takes, scroll back and forth inside them, zoom in and out to examine the most interesting parts precisely and accurately.


  • Six different temperaments to choose from: (Equal temperament, Just intonation, Pythagorean tuning, Meantone 1/4 Meantone 2/7, Meantone 1/3)
  • Scales: Chromatic scale, Major scale, Minor scale, Major triad, Minor triad
  • A Hz: Free frequency calibration (default 440)
  • Themes: Five visually appealing skins to choose from (Classic, Minimal, Zen, Rock, Gothic)
  • Adjustable zoom
  • Adjustable recording timeout
  • History viewable by scrolling
  • Histogram: Analyze the whole take - which notes were sharp, which were flat, which were pure and how much each was played
  • Volume graph display (Optional)
  • Exercises recorded: Keep, delete, rename and analyze