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Ten advantages of Office 2010:

1 Express your ideas more intuitively

2 Higher performance of collaboration

3 Enjoy a familiar Office - experience on more devices from more locations

4 Provide powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities

5 Create outstanding presentations

6 Easily manage large amounts of email

7 Store and track all your thoughts and notes in one place

8 Instant messaging

9 Complete tasks faster and easier

10 Access work information on different devices and platforms

Microsoft_Office_Professional_PlusVL_2010_x86. Office 2010 Professional Edition that can be permanently activated. During the installation process, the key is not used. Until the installation is completed, only the online activation needs to be checked. Clicking Next will automatically activate it permanently. The installation of this version has been successfully activated permanently. Please backup the startup file yourself. When you reinstall the system, you only need to restore the backup.

Here is the result of the launch:

SKU ID: fdf3ecb9-b56f-43b2-a9b8-1b48b6bae1a7

LICENSE NAME: Office 14, OfficeProPlus-MAK edition



ERROR CODE: 0 as licensed

Last 5 characters of installed product key: 8G8T2

32-bit: Office Professional Plus 2010 Execution-free _X86

File: Microsoft_Office_Professional_PlusVL_2010_x86_Activated.iso

Size: 883818496 bytes

MD5: 3CCC017989F8D3EA27662951732B80DC

SHA1: 9AF8E6EFC0AE99693C9B79218C2AC940CC7AA840

CRC32: A138D489

64-bit: Office Professional Plus 2010 Activation-free _X64

File: Microsoft_Office_Professional_PlusVL_2010_x64_Activated.iso

Size: 965345280 bytes

MD5: 96A275E0E353403CD0DB13D394D9AFC8

SHA1: 36F994A4DB2568E7446AD17EA434AAEE5AF8E77B


friendly reminder:

1. This is an enthusiastic netizen 'chislide' according to Microsoft VOL original package; 2. Integrated in the image of the 'MAK\u0026rdquo; key (As of the fashion of the event has 45,866 activation opportunities \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; If you can not activate, that has reached - the number of activation, please use the enterprise version + KMS mode activation); 3. In the 'MAK\u0026rdquo; key' returned to 0 rdquo; before the network can be permanently activated.

Installation and method:

Direct installation with iso burning disc (recommended)

Or use the winrar or ultraiso software to extract and run the installation.


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