The power that reside on domain name

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Well, if this is your answer, you are right. Domain name is created to replace IP addresses so that people will easily remember a web site.

3.) But, did you know that there is a power reside in domain name which can lead you a huge traffics ?
4.) Do you realize that your domain name effect your position in Google ?

Domain name indeed have a huge power reside in them. Therefore,if you had ever visited a domain name market, you will see some bona fide companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars for a domain. When you have a good domain, easy to memorize, you can drive decent traffics even without marketing it. For example;,, This type of domain drive a huge traffics everyday. The reason behind all the possibilities are :

1.) Easy to memorize
2.) Have a meaning in their domain
3.) Is a keyword or key phrase when combined together: Google takes this very seriously. At lease 3 out of top 10 ranking in Google have their keywords in their domain name. This will be approximately 30% of the ranking factor.
4.) Massive amount of inbound link: Having a good domain alone will give you a huge number of inbound link without seeking any reciprocal.

So, if you now know the power live in domain name, make sure you consider and do some research on keywords - before buying any domain for your site. Hopefully this brief article can be useful for you. If you have any further question regarding search engine optimization, feel Free Vps - to contact me at or